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The truth about electronic cigarettes

Fake studies

A lot of studies sustain that electronic cigarettes cause cancer and are lying regarding to the evolvement of the smoking industry in the creation of these devices. These studies highly recommend avoiding the usage any product that contains nicotine, such as traditional cigarettes, chewable tobacco and electronic cigarettes. As a reply for the successful sustaining of these studies against electronic cigarettes, the producer smoking industry launched these new devices on the market that allow consumers to inhale nicotine without using conventional cigarettes. Generally, the e cigs reviews against these devices give a simple and monotone response: at the beginning, these aren`t harmful, but it`s useless to replace one carcinogenic product with another, if it`s still based on tobacco.

The rest of the story consists of other lies that these studies contain. These studies claim that electric cigarettes were created by the smoking industry; this is their way of lying to the public. In fact, the smoking industry didn`t have a role in the creation of these devices and in the recent 4 years, it hasn`t got anything to do with the electronic cigarette industry. The statement that electronic cigarettes were developed by the tobacco companies is just a lie.

What`s even worse is the fact that anti-e cig studies a lying regarding to the origins of electronic cigarettes, but makes even scientifically unfounded and unsupported statements  about the fact that electronic cigarettes can cause cancer. Although it`s true that there were found traces of nitrosamines in the composition of electric cigarettes, the same traces were found in the chewable nicotine as well. If electronic cigarettes determine the appearance of cancer, it means that this is available for the rest of the products that contain nicotine. Anyway, we are all wondering why the e cigs reviews written by customers don`t support all these facts.

It`s not possible to sustain that electronic cigarettes are dangerous for the health of humans because there wasn`t a worrying situation so far. It`s a shame for the anti-e cig studies sustaining that these devices are causing cancer, because millions of people are using these products to avoid unhealthy smoking. It seems that these studies want to determine people to rather continue with unhealthy smoking than opting for electronic cigarettes. Practically, these studies don`t do anything besides bad.

Are electric cigarettes dangerous for non-smoker?

Corresponding to the results of some studies regarding to electronic cigarettes, it seems that a lot of people are familiar with these devices and 70% of the people believe that these are healthier than conventional smoking. Smokers are predisposed to rather use electronic cigarettes than non-smokers. These study were released for the authorities that regulate electronic cigarettes, in order to be aware how could these affect those who want to give up with smoking, to know if an electric cigarette attract non-smokers, especially teenagers who could be tempted to try this gadget thanks to its novelty or its different flavors that can be found at the moment on the market. E cigs reviews admit that there is no sign of danger.

The Health Concerns Entailed with Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have earned a considerable slot in the world market today for so many reasons. Given its innovative look and system, people have expressed their curiosity over the product. Governments have continuously worked on the fact that these alternatives to regular cigarette or tobacco still have hidden catches to be unraveled.

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The FDA and E-Cig Rise

The world has opened its ears to what the Food and Drugs Administration has to say about vaping. Since the development of the product and significant appearance in the internet market, the FDA has established the antagonist side for the devices. The sales of these products are booming and it is undeniable that in times, e-cig smokers will reach about billions in number all over the world.

One controversial proposal which the FDA has recently released is that ecigs will be banned to be sold to minors, they will be given warning labels and they will be marketed along some restrictions including the ability of consumers to purchase them online. The manufacturers are not actually protesting over these proposals because the FDA was given ultimate power to manage and protect whatever it seems to harm the consumers.

On the contrary, ecig smokers are the ones who have expressed their disappointment over the matter. The sales of the products in the internet hit $1 billion over the years. This means twice what the manufacturers have sold in 2012.

The American Lung Association

Since one of the greatest concerns for the sale of electronic cigarettes can be in terms of health, the American Lung Association claims that vaping e-cigs is actually much safer than smoking the regular tobacco. This is the same fact that distributors and manufacturers support when promoting their products. Moreover, the FDA has not approved since the beginning the ability of the devices to aid people in smoking cessation.

The Lesser Evil

There is no study yet that has proven the dangers entailed with e-cigarettes. At present, smokers should only rely on the fact that the product does not contain nicotine and the same number of other hundreds of dangerous substances. Ordinary patrons of e-cigs have recommended the product because it is actually lesser evil. No completed studies have yet proven that e-cig cause lung cancer and as of the moment, the e-cig seems to be a lot safer than regular tobacco. In the long run, smokers still hold true to their freedom of choice.